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My unexpected twist at my dental visit.

Hi everyone!

I have been so busy with my 3 kids, I haven't blogged for quite a while. Just posting on Instagram and on Facebook. 

So I'm turning 40 this year and maybe its a midlife crisis but I felt the need to start revamping myself. 

I went to visit my dentist friend, Dr Gerri at her clinic, The Orthodontic Clinic at Pacific Plaza, as I wanted to change my 2 front teeth to Veneers because they seemed to be dropping over the years and showing more of my gum and making me conscious of my smile. ( I have not shown teeth in any of my photos in years) 

My 2 front teeth are old crowns done when I was 12 years old. I had to get crowns done as I fell on my face while I piggybacking my sister on roller blades. The impact broke my 2 front teeth. 

She took an x-ray and found that my crowns were not done well nearly 28 years ago and were infected (I felt no pain so had no idea it was infected), so I had to get them redone. She referred me to 2 other dental specialist who did crowns and root canals. With the other dentists, she discussed the steps I needed to take before I could go ahead with moving my two front teeth up to be aligned or above the other row of teeth. 

PS. Once you have done crowns, you can't do veneers. 

Steps I have to take: 

1. Take old crowns out and make temporary ones. (Dr D.L)

2. Removal of old root canal post, clean it out and put in a new post.  (Dr L.M)

3. Braces for 3-4 months to move teeth up. I chose ceramic braces which are the middle option. Metal ones are the cheapest option and the most expensive option is Invisalign, which is hidden at the back of your teeth and no one will know you have braces on but its too costly especially since I'm only using braces for 3-4 months. (Dr G.L)

4. Teeth Whitening (Dr G.L)

5. Put in Porcelain permanent crowns. (Dr D.L)

I had an excellent experience with all the dentists mentioned and would recommend each and everyone for their specialised skills, very detailed and gentle, each with years of experience. 

Dental Specialists I visited: 

Dr Geraldine Lee - The Orthodontic Clinic

( Braces Specialist )                                                            

9 Scotts Road, Scotts Medical Center (above Pacific Plaza), #08-02, Singapore 228210

Tel: +65-67373850

Dr Dennis Leong - Implantdontics ( Crown Specialist )

1 Orchard Boulevard #10-02, Camden Medical Centre
Singapore 248649

Tel: +65-67377022

Dr Leroy Mccully - Dr Leroy Mccully & Associates

( Root Canal Endodontics Specialist )

38 Irrawaddy Road #11-43/46, 55/56
Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre
Singapore 329563

Tel: +65-66940100

 This is NOT a sponsored post!  
The purpose of this post is purely to share my own personal experience and provide relevant links to others interested in similar services.

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