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Beach Photoshoot of Clare Couture Caftans

We had such amazing weather on the day of the photoshoot at Tanjong Beach. Sunny day with cool breeze and it only started to drizzle when we left. We almost changed venue due to the forecast which said 90% of the day, to be rained out ! Thank goodness friends (aka models) and photographers insisted we head there anyways. Looking forward to receiving the photos soon. They already look perfect to me when I scrolled through the camera before editing. Thank you to Krista & Lisha and your beautiful daughters, Ava and Lea, for being my gorgeous models! And Jia, Dylan and Chikara for the lovely Clare Couture Caftan shoot ! You guys were especially wonderful with the kids! 

Photography for this shoot: "The Onlookers"

Jiawei @


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